Saturday, December 07, 2013

One week of shorts - 1 - Homecooking is death

(Scheduling problem, was supposed to be out on Thursday, as part one)

I told them that my dinner was 400 grams of organic mincemeat, done in butter and coconut oil, with shitloads of veggies, and few fruits as dinner.

They looked at me with their jaw dropped,

One said

"You'll die young"

The other said

"Got to get your cholesterol checked"

We were in a hamburger joint.

The third one was dipping his french fries in majo and ketchup,

The other two returned to their hamburgers with extra fries, after making their comments.

Comment of mine at Return of Kings


  1. Heh. I was told my diet would kill me, too. I just keep dropping pounds and my sister told me it can't be the way I eat. She's overweight and I tell her: give up bread, eat keto, you'll lose it. We share the same body type and sugar-sensitive physiology.

    But she's a nurse, now, and knows better than me. Ketosis is a disease state, and it's going to end me before I get to see my kids graduate high school. Oh well. At least I'll look good in my coffin.

  2. Fruit kills.
    Donuts are a treat...

    Sometimes the idiocy makes me want to bash some bananas on some heads.