Saturday, December 07, 2013

One Week of shorts - 3 - Loving the lowest bidder

Girl was standing beside me with a guy, who suddenly turns and leaves. The Move.

Girl was cute, short, petite, not gorgeous, but cute.

"I see you have been stood up" I tell her,

"Ya he just left"

"Strange, cause I thought you two were together"

"..."... "can I join you guys?"

"Of course. This is SpeedyGonzales, this is BallsOnFire"

Then she turns to me,

"You know, he is... ehhhmmm... we...kind of... seeing... eachother...."

"You mean you're shagging now and then"



At that moment the guy came back, but somehow has not noticed the girl

"Your boy is back"

"He is actually a very nice man, you know"

"Yes I do"

Tattoos? check. on arm, on elbow, on wrist...

Tattos? Double check in neon lights, as tattoos are on the neck, up to the chin.

Beanie on head, in a supposedly elegant club,

Total rebel look going on. Not that it takes too much to rebel these days. Fucking hipsters are declared rebels...

I know where this is going..

"I actually love him, but he does not know it"

"That's sweet"

Then she turns to him, and in her tongue, utters approximately,

"I want to tell you that I love you"

The guys face does not flinch, he does not shrug, he just goes


No Han Solo sweet assholish "I know"
No cute indifference of a shrug
No acknowledgment of a nod, a smile
No James Bond cockery of a smirk


A "Hmmmph"... that maybe comes out when he is taking a dump.

I got lost in the knowledge of some of my friends who would love this girl and do everything to please her, rowing calluses on their hands, living a life of drought in the brazilian rainforest, then looked at my two friends who were swimming in pussy, then back to "Hmmmph"...

As a collective, women asking to be valued, while giving their most valued possession (they claim it is love)  to the one least valuing them....

Asking diamond prices for a coal that has been gifted to the least bidder...

Few minutes later, the guy just turned around and left.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllll Power!!!!!
Shit value........


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