Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One Week of Shorts - 6 - There is no inexperienced girl, you fool

She is not inexperienced and naive, she is a master and has fooled you

Sitting across us was one of the most beautiful twenty year old short blondes the venue had seen in the last months. One sixty five, blonde, face of an angel, and not skinny, meat on the bone.

Because of my sitting angle I had not noticed it until I see my three guys on the other table almost falling over towards that direction.

Yes. She was amazing.

Yes I looked.

And no I did not approach.

Yes I should have. I pussied out. She was sitting with three girls, no place to join them, all my guys watching, all other people watching. Yes, I pussied out. Lack of logistics is not an excuse.


The three guys watching;

One gets laid like a fox gets meat in a chicken box;
One is a speedy chilli rabbit going dup dup dup
One is soon marrying his fleshlight

Next day, all of the guys, none of whom had approached, I met seperately,

The topic opened up about the girl,
"The girls were so naive, they did not know what to do"
"They could not keep their eyes from our table, twirling their hair. We have way to much experience than those young girls. Would not be right"
Were the first two. Rationalizing away a wasted potential.

"They were too inexperienced for me"
Fleshlight groom. Aye.

So I am the only one who fully accepts that I chickened out and gave myself the rejection, without giving the girl a chance to decide if she wants to meet me or not. 

This all is tied to a brainwashing of "Girls are nice, sugar and spice"...

From a recent experience of watching an attractive twenty year old toy with two established thirty year old men like a kid plays with toy cars,


Any girl who is of legal age has way more experience in handling men than you think.

While we were out there playing in the woods, while we were out there shooting paper rockets out of tubes to the neighborhood kids, the girls have been studying us and social interactions.

It is not the experience they get once they start kissing and blowjobbing at the age of a conservative sixteen; even that is way more than what you think,

No, it is the experience gotten since age one.

When you were playing with your Matchbox car at age three,
Your sister was playing with your Dad, since age one.

Not playing with your Dad and with your Dad playing with her, no, playing with your Dad and your Dad being the  Matchbox, with all doors opening to a smiley Sesame.

While you were out there playing with glass balls and gambling them away,
Girls were discussing how to get the attention of the kid three years your senior.
Age eleven.

Fleshlight groom is rationalizing away a nonexistent potential.
The other two are rationalizing, but it comes from a point of being brainwashed for the last twenty years.

They were not inexperienced.
They knew exactly what they were doing when they were twirling their hair.

The message failed to deliver.

And if indeed they were comparably inexperienced, we should have given them the gift of the pleasure that only comes from experience in seeing women as they are, knowing their buttons, and bringing pleasure to their inexperienced life. Our experience owes it to them, in this case.

It is a gift, a gift that has been acquired through jumping into the fire, a gift that can only be given..
But no, "Men are pigs" overrode all the good that was there to give onto this world.

If you got experience, you should know you are doing the inexperienced girls a disservice by keeping that experience for them. That is your sin. 

"They were so inexperienced" is wrong

"They so easily fooled us, tooled with us, invited us, we chickened out, but we also have been brainwashed and are being brainwashed every second of our life"

Is right.

Any girl past 15 has more experience in handling men than most men past 45 have in handling women.


Yes, if you call your late twenty year old self as being in the "yet unborn" stage, then yes those twenty year olds are in comparison, in the "inexperienced" stage.


  1. My dear, you have so many things to learn about women. I'll teach you one day. ;)

  2. Damn dude it's been a while since I've commented here. But yeah, I know how you feel. I visited my friend's college and there was a club day and my friend was hitting on the Mexican sorority chicks and during this time I saw a stunning little redhead. I should have gone up to her but I just didn't.