Friday, December 06, 2013

One week of Shorts - 2 - Two truths make one wrong, poison medicine

Mexican kid comes up to me

"Man thank you thank you thank you. I have been doing the no-gluten thing you talked about that day. Wow. Just amazing. I did think you were crazy when you were talking about that to SpeedyGonzales, but I tried it. You changed my life"

Finnish friend, a specializing doctor, was with us, so he asked about the story.

I told him about gluten.

He said, can't be.

I told him about gluten's biochemical effect on the body.

He said, no-gluten cannot heal all.

I said not heal all, but (edit, insert: gluten might)cause many.

He said, there is medicine.

I said, yes and there is not causing the problem.

He said, he needs studies.

I said, the studies will never be done.

He said he needs studies.

I said there are thousands of testimonials, but the studies will not be done. you cannot patent going gluten free

He said he needs studies.

I said so where are the studies for HPV vaccine?

He said HPV vaccine is necessary.

I said where are the long term studies.

He said, my gluten-free argument is invalid because i bring up the vaccine issue and thus he cannot anymore believe me.

By the way,

go get your flu shot, because Vitamin D is poison. Yup yup.

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