Monday, December 09, 2013

One Week of Shorts - 5 - Fake abundance

Private Man has this idea that women look for a reason to reject a man, not a reason to like a man.

That is so true, and it must have gotten worse with the attention women get on Facebook and all the other interactions where women are unable to distinguish between attention provided in order to get a fuck, and attention provided for a long term commitment, the latter usually not coming from the studs giving the till-the-fuck attention.

Women are living in a fake, perceived abundance.

A good example I saw few weeks back.

Meeting some friends,

One guy is a tall handsome man, PussySlayer,
One guy is this guys friend, 195, JamesDean, with an exceptionally open attitude, 
These two are masters.
Another guy is SpeedyGonzales, currently gonzoing ten years younger cuties, at least one a new week...
And we have the AtomAnt, he has girls finding him on facebook, girls he does not know,
In between we have the two providers,
One a young Padawan in training,
The other a provider on the search,
There is me,

When I return to the table, there are two girls sitting with the guys.
Cute, short, nothing the slayer four would go for long term, something the provider two would,

Some chat, some chick laughter of the girls,   

And then the girls, with the attitude of a spoiled brat, that just won Miss Universe,

"Ooooookaaaaaay... We gooooo nooooow"

Ok. Fuck off.

The table did not miss a beat, but the girls left, knowing that another table like this will be around the corner, but it will not be.

The girls were on the search,
But the table was apparently not enough,

Would you believe me if I say,

"I was on a table with 7 Miss Continents, naked, stroking my cock, but I knew I could do better..."


But that is what these girls did.

Sometimes I really believe these girls deserve the fucks they get, usually being treated as cum dumpster, which in the end makes more than a quarter of them end with antidepressants or some other medicine.

Only thing which pisses me off is that I pay for it.

It takes Gene Simmons to bed 2000....
It takes being a groupie for a woman to bed 2000...

(Kiss on Oprah)

Of course there is going to be abundance of dick...

Abundance of quality?

Not so.

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