Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Italian men, are like men...

In the bar…
Dunno if the girl comes, or if he goes..
But anyway, as I am told, a high initial interest is present,


“Where are you from?”
“You Italian boys always say yes”
“What else are they supposed to say?”
“Do Finnish guys say no?”
“Yes. Sometimes”

Guy leaves.

I wanted to leave this story at that, but then my self righteous side shouted, you gotta write, you gotta write…

In between text:
Usually I do not read what I wrote, except spelling errors. This time the story got stuck in my head. There was something I did not write. Still do not know what this is, but will try to find it, clear the fog in my head.


The idea is summarized in this sentence, and the rest of the text vaguely tries to open it up.

“The challenge must start after feeling there is something to get, and getting a “no”.

Without seeing anything before the “no”, and assuming there must be something underneath that “no”, you will be ending up with nothing, as there is only shit under the horse. Your ultimate failure awaits you” . Says Finndistan

In the dating game, challenge is the most important aspect, true. It is the way you work for something, which creates the pleasure of attaining it.

But, to be a challenge, you need to be shown some qualities, and need to want those qualities.

Being after something just because you don’t get it, without knowing what’s in the package, dooms you for spending a lifetime running after horseshit, just because the shit is in an unreachable place.

The challenge which is spoken for, is the challenge to be after riding the horse. You know it feels good. You know the feeling of galloping on the sand by the sea, on a horse without saddle. You cannot get it. Not now. You work for it. You work for it, because you know the thing you can’t get is at least a ride on a horse. Fast, dangerous, warm, and free… This is the least you will get upon succeeding.

This is the kind of challenge that fills someone’s life. Knowing there is something out there, going for it.
Now you are going to say, you never know what to get.
But you also should know why you are after something.
Life is short.
And I do not have the fucking time to run after a girl, just because she shot me down.
Oh, I will run. And it will be a wham-bam-bye-ma’m. Thing.

She has shown me no quality of herself, except that she can turn away. So, that’s the quality she gets, upon my conquest. Or hers…

This sounds logical thinking. Its not.
This, I observed is how I act, unknowingly.. The explanation follows the act.

Back to flirting and dating.
A woman going for a guy just because he says no.
What quality has he shown?
That’s a two letter word.

That “no” does not tell if he will jump into ice water to save you, or if he will fuck your brains out…
He is a challenge, yes.. But what is the challenge for? A “no”..
Here let me tell about my person.

If I am after a girl. Really after her. It means she has shown me something I want, and can’t get. I have been there. Know there is more to it. Want to spend time in the hunt, and after the hunt.

The girl I will be after till I fuck is the one, who has shown me nothing, but a pair of boobs and an ass, on a face which said no. That is the ego hunt.

And people, without knowing it, making this ego hunt the basis of their flirt-date-sex life, are as I said, doomed to horseshit.

The challenge must start after seeing there is something to get, and getting a “no”.

Without seeing anything before the “no”, and assuming there must be something underneath that “no”, you will be ending up with nothing, as there is only shit under the horse.

Below is the old text.

Just like last Saturday in Doris I saw how a girl – one of the tops in Doris – begged a boy – another top of Doris, at least a good guitar player, and one of the few guys – for a date.. And failed…

This story proves to me that the only thing you need to have in this country to get laid, is the ability to manage to say “hello” and the ability to be not interested. Any other quality you possess is unimportant compared to the being uninterested thing. Even Brad Pitt would be having problems if he would be like he – if he was single – would be with the rest of the world. Interest is a loose loose game here.

Another thing what I have seen is, the really good girls – bitchy, clever, beautiful, loves herself, has a life etc etc –, now for them, the other qualities start getting important, and we are talking about girls which are rare as black sheep.

For the rest women, who have better than average boobs, ass, nose, ear, whatever, only thing which counts is disinterest. Show disinterest, you get laid.

(Ah, for a guy like me, this ain’t working, as I become unapproachable, unattainable, mission impossible :P ) Also, I choose to interact. Play my games by interaction, not by turning my ass.

And I think it comes from the fact that in this place everything is so fast and easy, that people start to get the need to prove themselves they can actually achieve something. And this achievement, turns out to be choosing the challenge based on uninterested guys, rather than choosing the challenge to have good time, whichever way possible.

Now to the story.

Italian. This guy, has lived in challenge with women all his life. Italian women, I know from Turkish, are capricious, difficult, mind fucking, even the best players get fucked over by this kind of woman, who knows the ins and outs of a man. The man begs to hold her hand, a kiss is the step to heaven.

Finnish girl, comes to him, “you wanna fuck”.. Now, this guy will never say no, provided the girl is not too low in his perception of standards. NEVER. Why shall he? It’s free….

Finnish guy. There are the players, and in my opinion, if a guy who sleeps with a different one every week – at some point in a small town, you will loose your pickiness - rejects you, that is an insult to you. If you take that “no” as a good thing, well, keep on being insulted. You are basically insulted by not being accepted into this guys list of women.

Then a guy says no… Well, he possibly is also drunk. These guys have no idea where they are, who they are talking to, who they are themselves. If,… if you are going for that kind of man. You do not exist for me in the first place.

Another no, is simply, he does not like you. That does not show he is a challenge, it just shows he is not into you.. (SATC)…. So simple. Not into you. Possibly that guy said “yes yes yes” to the next girl he talked to.

A no, may also mean. The guy knows he will get sex easily, so why you. Get the fuck out'a' my face. You women are so damn easy, I prefer my beer, which is more of a mission for me than you cunt. Very very nice.


I suspect, a guy who has worked hard to get sex, has learned all the tricks to get to the point, is a better fuck than someone on ten beers, or someone who is so good at picking up women, that he does not even need to have good sex talent (Sebastyne).

Just this wrong image of a challenge… So many good sex opportunities lost.
Yes, challenge, being difficult is important. It is a major player in the game.
But, in my opinion, in Finland, it has moved to be the only one. The God created tactics of the game are meaningless…
Making so many women miss so many good opportunities.

I don’t care for the Italian, or the answer.
It’s just sad to see possibilities passing by in this short life of human beings.
In a country where ten percent of women never had orgasm.. (Durex)
Going for the no, will end you up in sucking dicks all your life, proving yourself you can do it…

Well, let me tell you, it’s not so hard…

Instead of getting banged just on the grass outside of the bar, screaming the hunks name, because he was the one who was the man. Made the first move. Led you to the point. And you did resist the idea “Stop.. He is saying yes.. No good. No good.. AAAAAAHHH YEA”

Well, as I say, this holds for the middle women.. Not the ones who would fuck a flying male fly in their desperation, or the ones which consist the crème de la crème, the latter being the ultimate company for short term or life.

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