Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The right to reject

Doris, a Friday, three weeks ago.

Am there with one of the Turks, chatting the night away, watching the couple, who are communicating with their hands, guessing that they have not seen their faces yet.

A girl comes and sits half a meter away from me, and starts staring.
For the girl I have zero attraction. Not my type. She’s just not.
I still talk with the Turk.
She motions me to come sit by her.
I motion, I will stay where I am . – Mistake.. I should not have even given recognition to her.
This continues for some time: "come here", … "no thanks…"

I get irritated, leave the table, and in my humanity, I told her good night. So that she knows its time to stop. – Wrong, just leave you stupid dick…

She gets up, goes to my friend, and says:
“You have it easier to score than him”
“You are a better person”

Some more conversation, and my friend’s answers crack me up. But basically he is a better person, and I am an asshole, so he will fuck more women than me. As if I give a shit. I will be happy for my friends getting banged. What do I care?

Anyway, she comes up to me,
“Don’t underestimate people…”

What the fuck.. I am not interested. That is all. All. Just is. I will not fuck you. And my convo with my friend is more fun to me than what you could give. Nor do I have the time. For you..

So I stop her talks,
And answer:

I am not attracted to you. That is all. And I have the right not to be attracted to someone, for whatever reason. And I keep the right not to tell that reason, if it exists. I also can be unattracted for no particular reason, again, I have the right to.

Just like women who are not attracted to some guy, I may not be attracted to some woman, and this just is.
And just like I respect a girl being not attracted in me, for no given reason, I want the woman to respect me not being attracted to her.”

It was a lovely thing to see her face.. Just like the dodo bird. Who got extinct because they loved headlights and got run over by cars. Or, watch ice age.

And this is true.

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