Saturday, November 27, 2004

Thursday night, 05.15 A.M.

That night, after my visitor left, watched a manga, and went to bed around twelve..
At some point, was dreaming about flirting with two girls, and having good time…

Suddenly, in my sleep, I hear the phone ringing, I answer the call,
My mother is talking to me,
“Your father wants to talk to you. He is not feeling very well”
Before I could ask what is wrong, where they are, etc, I wake up, full of sweat, my eyes getting wet, shaking all over.

Look at the phone, its 05.15 am. Dark and cold outside. No missed call, or no message.
Cannot call home at that time, so I have to wait till seven…
A very long wait that was, though I fell asleep in the end, called home when I woke up, and all was fine.

I wish from God, he shall not give this kind of dream, not even to my enemy.

P.S.: I am known for waking up to strange events.

Year 1999. Am in Germany. Middle of the night. Wake up to no reason. Go to the window, look out, thinking “What the fuck is wrong again?”, when half a minute later, the fire station alarm goes off, calling for the voluntary firemen.

Year 2000. Ankara. Sleeping. Wake up. No need to pee. No need to drink water, but cannot sleep back. A minute later, an earthquake of 4.5 hits.

Year 1999. Everything is ok, except, I am having insomnia. Three days later, my uncle dies during an operation. I did not even know he was going to have an operation.

The time 5.15 is interesting, as I made a heavy accident seven years ago, at 04.15, and my brother was born fourteen years ago, 06.15…
As my family is ok, I wonder what news I will receive in the evening.
I hope they are good.

So, date is 30.11.2004

News came in that an exceptional person, one of the few in town who I care about, needs to see the neurologist, due to a never ending headache…

Fuck… My stomach is upside down.

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