Tuesday, November 02, 2004

How to destroy a flirt with potential...

A good friend invited me over to the opening of the Club…
All the chique(y) people are there…
The bar workers, the “VIP”’s, the alcoholics, normal people, fuck arounds… Most good looking faces of town..

There I meet this DJ I know…
We have a little easy going chat, and at some point, the talk goes to romance,
He says something funny, I reply like,
“Just like you said, we are romantic till for as long as it takes”
And noticed the little chick beside us eavesdropping..

Talked to her, the DJ also talking, that was a thirty second fun on my part, telling how manipulative the guys who use romance are… That it is just to bang her etc…

The DJ saying something,
The girl going “oh”, smiling,
And then me just purely enjoying myself:

“You see, being not romantic, I am not manipulative. I call the girl, bang the girl, and send her back”
Before I continue , don’t fucking get some wrong impression, like “oh he does not do it.”

I do.
And it’s good.
But talking about it,
The girl was gone faster than my eye could follow.

: )

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