Thursday, November 25, 2004

The night I almost had a knife in my belly

This is one thing in Finland.
You can kill someone, just don’t drive a car when drunk.

Happened last winter.
Was out with the Indian, and two Italians.

And the Indian is famous for having friendly relationships with the psychos and bitches in town.
So a friend of him comes to us, I am on a no drink night.
Friend offers drinks, I decline nicely, the other Italian is enjoying free booze.

We leave the place to go to some other bar..
I am walking with the friend, a few steps behind others, chatting away.
The friend offers me a cigarette, I cannot decline anymore, and it is cold anyway..
One puff, and I feel warmer.

“Are these your friends” he asks
“Yea, good guys” I say,
“I am afraid” he says…
“What for I ask”
“I am afraid”
“Yea, for what?” – still have the picture in my mind..

“You will kill me”

“What are you talking about?”
“You will kill me”
“You are my friend, I don’t kill my friends”
“No, I am afraid”
“Hey, I want my friends with me, not in grave.”

He holds my hand and I turn around,
“Will you kill me” he says,
“I will not kill you” I say, and he motions down

I look down, and there it is. A knife just a cent away from my belly.
Take his hand, gently,
“Hey, I will not kill you, nor do I want to kill you. You are the friend of my friend”
“I am afraid”
“Look, I told you, you are my friend. It is a good night, let’s go into the bar, and have a drink. Ok?”

So we went into the bar.

To say the truth, a knife in a fight is something you don’t want to mess with. A friend in fight with fists will get my assistance. With a knife, haven’t been in that situation where a friend was threatened, I possibly would hesitate, but still the outcome I cannot speculate about. Help, is in the code of man, though.

Humans show their real face in crisis.

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