Thursday, November 25, 2004

Man.. My memory has tricked me

This girl.. I met her two years ago, had e few good nights, and then I did not call, she did not call…
Sometime later, we met in a bar, ended up in her place, later no calls…

I guess a month or so ago, I meet her in Doris. They were three girls. Have a good night, and throughout the night, her friends were trying to get her away from me.
In the end, we are walking home, the two other girls try unsuccessfully to stop us, and get her to their place..
This even continues in front of the girls’ apartment, which is on my way…
One of the girls tells me that my girl, the brunette has told them to get her away from me, if she ends up with me…
They do not succeed…
Even when I am home, naked, serving, and being served, her phone rings…
That was that night.

Go to Doris this weekend,

The girl is there, too, I say hi, a smile, and continue.
Who is this gorgeous blonde, sitting on a stool at the exit of the men’s toilet?
See the blonde later by the dance floor, have some chat, as we are going to sit down, she says she will tell her friends where she is going, well, without sitting down, she gets lost.
Nice bitchblock, I think.

Later that night, I see the blonde, and tell her it was funny the way she changed her mind upon talking to the girls.
Oh, no.. Her friends don’t control her… I am just not her type… - Well, the fact she was going to sit down with me, before talking to her friends, tells me otherwise…

Even later I learn the reason, why I am not her type..

She was actually one of the girls who was trying to keep the brunette away from me and failed.
She knew me.
But I had forgotten about her.
My memory is a bitch.

***Though I know, without her friends around, she is mine.

My references are good, and she has seen my influence on her friend with her own eyes.

Curiosity kills the cat.

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