Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smelly Media: Objective reportings of polls

A'ight.. So we poll people to get some idea on what they think and then report on it?

True, but the title we choose tells us a lot,

An example:

Iltalehti : Nearly Half of Finns Favour EU Support

The answers of those quizzed were clearly in line with their party affiliation.

Clearly then, the TrueFinns party leaving the government talks on this issue was them being consistent; unlike what other politicians accused them of.

Voters of the Swedish People’s Party, the Greens and the National Coalition Party were most in favour of supporting EU countries in financial difficulties. Up to 83 percent of Swedish People’s Party backers favoured Finland’s support for the crisis countries. In total, 47 percent of those interviewed for the poll were in favour of the EU support.

Back to the title, "close to half" means 47%

And the Swedish People's Party gets like 4.3% of the votes... So what if their 83% had some opinion? Does it really need this much mentioning? That makes like 3.something% of the total. One needs to be aware though, that they control way more wealth than that percentage.

Voters of the True Finns Party, the Left Alliance and Christian Democratic Party were most in opposition to the EU support. Nearly nine out of 10 True Finns supporters are against it. In total, 39 percent of those interviewed were against the EU support.

Nearly nine out of ten? Cannot menation a percentage to make it look more scientific?

This is how journalism under an ideology works. 83% for the PC swedish crowd, nine out of 10 (even grammatically inconsistent) for the non-PC proles - the proles who were the favored citizens as long as they sang the marxist tune -; "see they can't even count"...

And the total? 39%.

So, there is a measly 8% difference, and while 47% is "nearly half", the other 39% are not mentioned in the title.

I claim this is denigrating hate speech.

On different news:

HS: Finns Skeptical of EU Democracy

Over half the Finns suspect that democracy is not working well within the European Union, shows a survey commissioned by the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

What is the percent? Over half? 50%? 70%? In between?

So someone does not believe the pushed ideology, and you have to report it. Minimize the damage you must, eh?

EU Democracy? Technocracy, bureaucracy, socialist welfare totalitarianism, open bordered cultural suicide pact it is; democracy, it is not.

EUSSR is more close to what it is than a democracy.

A mere quarter of Finns take a bright view.

Got to give credit to the inclusion of "mere"; but, are we talking 24.9%? 22%? Less?

Despite their doubts, however, only a fifth of Finns believe that Finland would be better off on its own.

If Finns were a hundred million, they would have thought otherwise, but they are too small to be alone.

In any case, anybody who thinks the EU is a democracy after what happened is deaf man in a rock concert. In Ireland, Holland, and other places after the public vote was dismissed, and after they renamed the "EU Constitution" into the "Lisbon Treaty" to bypass any referandum, the "EU democracy" turned into a joke; and that, assuming good intentions.

Which I do not.

And this kind of reporting, I also cannot believe to be coming from good intentions.

Ideological brainwashing of a until recently homogeneous and until recently trusting people is what this is.

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  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2011

    Yea, I am too quite pissed with media constantly using deliberately vague concepts. Damn, after all they got to have access to the actual statistics in order to make such roundups! Guess most reporters have some kind of trade-related aversion towards accurate numbers and math.