Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wiping the ass of some other man's progeny

Saw Blue Angel sitting there with her sister, another girl and another dude.

Good looking as I remember her; I was wondering about the situation.

Who was the guy dating?

Definitely too average to be dating the sister, a 25 year old model who has dated studs. Not the nice kind.

The other girl? Dunno.

So my curiosity stays unsatisfied, until in a different location in the same bar, betabitchboy sitting on her lap, we come eye to eye with the girl and a subtle hi is exchanged.

Got to give it to her, she could have slept with me few months back, but she was kind of seeing somebody. Faithful to at least some extent.

But him?

When I met her months ago she said she had a baby boy, something that is one year old or smaller.

Means she is possibly still breastfeeding the little rascal.

Where is the dad?

Not in the picture.

From what I gather, the father is an asshole, a thug, a stud, a player, a celebrity, any combination in between.

From what I gather it is the produce of a short fling with an attractive man whose sperm was valuable.

If a kid is like five or older then maybe I could forget a man committing to another man's baby's mother. At least the kid sleeps at night.

What the fuck goes in a man's head when he wakes up three times in a night to carry somebody elses dickjuice?

From where I stood, I looked at one woman who I Liked when I met her, but would never consider more than one night, two nights or the occasional friendly call...

I looked at betabitchboy who was tapping that ass, one that I missed, happy in his at last found sexual release, paying not just through his nose, but paying through his ancestors' nose. The whole thousand generations. The ancestry ends here. 

There is no excuse. There is no fucking excuse.


In the same light. This celebrity divorce between Seal and Klum is said to happen because he started partying.

I tell you the reason.

Even if she gave him three kids, raising the kid of some Italian Playboy old enough to be Klum's father was the cancer that ate at him. Committing to a woman who was already pregnant, even if she was one of the most attractive women at the time, was like the soul killing cancer.

He chose to chemo that with younger fresher vajayjay... Vajayjay that is not inseminated with some old Italian Stallions lifewater.


One thing I know for sure.

Betabitchboy is not raising the kid of another betabitchboy.

Commitment to Inseminated Incubators VS Shotgunning Semen,

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  1. Always follow that Leykis 101 rule:

    No single mothers!