Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Closing shop on the smelly media

I quit,

I am done.

I finish.

There is no sense in wasting more time on the behemoth that is the treasonous mainstream media.

For some time I enjoyed writing the smelly media posts, as I felt I had a voice that could be heard by others as a canary in the coalmine. Sweden is already fucked, Finland is happy to follow in their big brother's footsteps.

I thought that maybe writing stuff would ease my disgust I have with the government sponsored main news outlet. The PC whoring, the diversity whoring, the environmental pimping, the socialist theft.

All this by an agenda that will be the death of the west, will lead to a possible civil war, has made Europe unable to face any meaningful outside threat, has made the ethnic Europeans second class citizens in their own birthplaces, has made them the only non-protected group, while whoring out the resources to any and every non productive shit of a parasite that there is.

I am not the one to take on the behemoth. I cannot compete with a state sponsored giant of an asshole, that is shitting on its own sisters and brothers.

I am not the one getting paid by the people that I am supposed to brainwash.

I am not the one who is getting paid thousands of euros per hour of man hour I spend.


The main news outlet complained, the government caved in.

Now, the TV tax is called the Tax. Every household will pay 200 something euros yearly to this PC MC diversity infection outlet. Assuming Finland has 2 million households, that is 400 million euros for effing three useless channels and a news outlet that spews forth nothing but the party approved propaganda.

I cannot take on that kind of animal, and have decided I don't have the time to even write about it, even if it is just a form of meditation.

Not after a friend of mine posted on facebook thaat she does not own a TV so why she should pay the Tax, and another PC MC shithead jokingly answered that they have a good "learn Finnish" website. Look dickhead, the best courses in town cost 50 euros for four months, I do not need to pay the brainfarting farthead 200 euros a year, under jail threat so it can spew forth crap after crap, sometimes three times a day.

Fucking diarrhea. The media shits nonstop, its adherents shit nonstop, the PC MC infested progressive shitheads shit nonstop...

The whole place is a running brown goo.

As I am writing this, I got other tabs open with news I wanted to write about, but will not. I am putting the headlines down, am not linking to them,  but adding one sentence of an obituary so I can close this fucking phase of my life and concentrate on building my castle and looking for inhabitants or other friendly castles, as the usual person is just another PC MC diversity drone that is as hopeless as the cockroach you pissed on and just pushed the flush button of the toilet.

Men have more free time than women
This is the fucking headline for a news article where it says men do 202 minutes of gainful work while women do 162; write that, you frogs...

Downshifting reinforces traditional gender roles

Yea... Mom's back to kitchen if they do not wish to work for bit less pay... daddy's got no choice. Media's problem is that more kids can eat mom's food... Fucking culture destroyers. 

Presidential candidates take on xenophobia in Finland
In the meanwhile, how many hundred dead christians in Nigeria in the last three weeks? How many Swedes, Norwegian and Danes were gang raped by New-Swedes, New-Norwegians, New-Danes during this presidential campaign? How many gays were attacked by vibrant youff during this time? Xenophobia? Well deserved, my candidates, very well deserved.

Halonen criticises inequality in final New Year speech
Continuing from above. Mrs. President, I am not equal to a professional jobless, nor am I equal to a vibrant rapist. They have better support from the daddy government that I do.

Immigrant job quotas suggested in Kuopio
And how is that no discrimination against old-Finns?

Study: More young immigrants marginalised
Finns walking the streets will agree with me that somehow the majority of imported vibrants seem to be of the kind that is impossible not to marginalize.

More asylum seekers returning home by choice
Getting paid to do so. Just like getting paid to come here. To live here. To breed here. To become marginals on government dole. All with my taxes.

HS poll: Finland seen as more intolerant
Right... Where were we? Ahh.. Yea, in Finland heads are rolling because you are gay... Or?

Commitment issues: Not only romance at risk

Failing to mention feminism, government dole destroying families etc... As usual...


I quit this.

This behemoth that I so much despise is a 400  million euros a year blackhole of money, giant star of PC MC diversity party line spewing giant start...

David & Goliath. Goliath was one giant. One. This behemoth is millions of midgets.

I will spend the time I previously spent on writing the smelly media reports, one hour a piece, on acquiring Finndistan stories, being there, writing the stories, and in the meantime bag me some feminists, some PC MC diversity loving females, and work the system one personal story at a time, one defiled midget at a time.

If I am not doing that, instead of spending time on a self hating group of people and their brainfarts and suicidal ideologies, I will be building a castle, I will make contacts with not PC MC div enviro leftie libbie part line infected individuals;


Just watch a movie.

Farewell smelly media.

Welcome more smelly personal reports.

Btw, fuck you mainstream media, fuck you all the idiots who swallow the propaganda hook line sinker; you children and your grandchildren will look out from the holes they managed to crawl in if they were lucky, and curse to all the devils that you may rot in hell, for leaving them a place where a hole to crawl into is salvation.

You ask me...

I'd say you can't rot in hell... Even the devil would be disgusted with your kind.


Farewell smelly media.

Welcome more smelly personal reports.


  1. Hey mate,

    Glad to see you're not stopping for good, and I'm looking forward to the new smelly personal reports. I'm pretty interested in Scandinavia, as I feel a bond with them, and I think the first shot in the upcoming war in Europe will be lobbed there.

    In Australia, there is a huge disconnect between the elite and their mass media, and ordinary Australians. They've been using brainwashing for a couple of decades but it hasn't been as successful as they've been hoping. Like the Cronulla Riots, for example:

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  2. I hear you. While I haven't thrown out my TV, I avoid the news and any other programming that dishes out the mind-numbing leftist pap for the conformist drones to gobble up. I also avoid newspapers except the sports section because there is minimal politics therein, and don't read any leftist drool online either.

    Am I closing myself off from the world? Doesn't matter, my mental and emotional health has improved since I've been doing it, and the major important events filter in through osmosis anyway, and I do read the manosphere as well.

    I find some decent stuff on TV now and then here in America, lately I've been watching Survivorman, and Tosh.0 who is refreshingly politically incorrect.

    Leftism, Liberalism, Feminism and Progressivism are the dominant religions of our time and they're winning, so not much I can do about it except to not let the scumbags affect me mentally and emotionally.

    People are stupid.

  3. Simon:

    Thanks for reading. Scandinavia may be the first place where the shots will be fired but it will not be the scandinavians who will light the fire. Check Denmark, check Sweden, check Norway and check Finland's elites' hard work to make this place like those. The fires are already burning and the shots are already being fired; but the scandinavians are docile and thinking daddy gov knows best.


    that is why I quit the smelly posts. the only thing that will come out of that is I will step on some perpetually sensitive foot and find myself trouble. when the population is happy with what is going on, only thing the aware can do is look out for own survival.

    Not that I am doing it yet, but life is a journey.