Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Finnflight from my venue of the night

I knew the place was not the same as it used to be. Used to be the top place to meet professional people, good looking women who you can talk with, and friends.

I was there this weekend.

In the past few years it had gotten slowly worse, but it was bearable.

2012 must have been the tipping point.

The place will not survive this year to enter next year as the top venue of the town.

Reason: Finnflight

Reason: Metrosexual vibrants, designer cultural enrichers, "thug life" jeans carrying blingers...

The place was vibrating and it was not due to the music.

You see, the educated foreigners do not vibrate a place.

But the educated foreigners are also affected by the economic situations. Cheap food restaurants and government handouts are not.

In any case, this local, popular, international (educated professionals) venue has turned into a culturally enriched vibrant venue, and the first people to leave are the girls who still like some kind of western culture in their men... Then the men leave because they do not have interest in women that are enriched and wet for vibrants...  Then the place either adapts to the new clientele, or goes bust.

Since I have no interest in vibrant loving carnally enriched females, not even for a single time of busting a nut, I am taking leave.*

On the search of the least vibrant night venue of the town,...

Which sadly may be a hipster bar...


*This I will post sometime later, but that sentence will get me accused of being racisss... I see it as a sexual preference. I don't want a biker gang groupie, I don't want a basketballer groupie, I don't want a homeless girl, I don't want a girl with 66 piercings on her face, I don't want a fat girl, I don't want a girl with herpes, and besides many other things that kill my attraction, I don't want a vibrant loving carnally enriched female. It is not racisss, it is preferencisss, it is standardisss, it is self respectisss, it just issss


  1. I don't understand, Finnman.

    So your bar is infested by negros and muslims. Is that it? And you are leaving because you don't like the racial mixers, faggots and feminists.

    I don't remember Finland having any hate crime laws. You don't have to dress up the language to avoid offending us.

  2. You remember wrong. Will write a short primer on hatisss crimes in Finland; and EU for that matter.

    Things have changed. Today, saying "look; these guys say they hate us and we shall subjugate or be killer" is a hate speech crime, and court hearings have happened. Of course the hateful one saying that they hate us and we shall subjugate or be killed is free speech.


    But about the first part of your comment;

    It is not that the bar is infested by africans and muslims. Many of my closest friends come from those groups and I could be considered part of the second group by some; and we all are educated, professional (not in the cheap food industry), respectful, etc.

    They (we, from a different pov), do not vibrate; and we do not enrich.

    For all matters and purposes of the pro-diversity shitheads, they do not exist.

    Like I said, decent people who do not vibrate. Also their numbers are negligible and they always roll in mixed groups, spanning 3-4 continents any given time.

    The infestation comes from the wolf packs of the "thug life" brand jeans wearers and the apacis.

    If I say what the place looks like after this infestation, ala "Jersey shore" or "Streets of San Fransisco", that today is hate crime.

    So, just like I do not go to a biker's bar, I also do not go to a vibrant, enriched bar.

    And I hope the html code went through.