Thursday, February 09, 2012

An insight into the mind of a multiculti virus infected zombie

Small examples:

"Finland needs immigrants to do the jobs that need to be done"
"Dude, there is 10% unemployment, and 10% early retirement"

"We need immigrants to pay for the retirement benefits of us in the future"
"Dude, the minority coming here is of the educated working class, the majority is on 40% or more welfare and the working rest do not make that much money"
"... but..."

But these are small examples and these are individuals who have a reach of 10-20 people.

What happens when this multiculti zombie can reach thousands, if not millions of people?

I said I quit the smelly media posts, and I did, yet, this one was so in line with what I cannot fathom in what how some people can butcher logic, and with what I hear from the multiculti zombies, that without giving links or quotes, I will delve into the mind of a multiculti infested braindead zombie that has the reach of millions; mainly due to media monopoly, and due to the financial rape under the name of TV tax of people who have no TV.


And EU report is apparently out showing the Somalis in Finland face a great deal of discrimination.


In other news, reading between the lines, it is clear that Somalis face even more discrimination in Somali, and hey, is that not the reason they come to the racisss waters of Europe?

Ah well.

Who cares. We established that the Finns are racisss.

In the same article a fleeting mention of female genital mutilation happens.

In an article about Finns being racisss..., we have FGM.

How many old-Finns have remodeled their daughters vaginas in the last month?

How many old-Finns have remodeled their daughters vaginas in the last year?

How many old-Finns have remodeled their daughters vaginas in the last decade?

How many old-Finns have remodeled their daughters vaginas in the century?

So why is this mentioned in an article about Finns being racisss?

Because Finns not being able to solve an ingrained part of another culture is racisss.

It is mentioned that the people from this culture had to learn to work together.

A people that have lived in the same place for centuries had to learn together.

But Finns are racisss because they are still trying to learn to work together with people they have never met except on racisss chocolate wrappings...

P.s. did I mention that old-Finnish mothers do not genitally mutilate their girls?

And then we hear of an incident that a young boy of 13 is called "terrorist" in the subway and the boy naively asks what he could do as not to look like one...

I am sorry for the boy.

Finns are racisss...

Except that his brothers are in the top three reported accused terrorists all over europe...

Except that his brothers are in the top three convicted assault rapists all over Scandinavia...

Except that his brothers are in the top three suspected criminals per population all over Europe...

Except this, except that....

Finns are racisss...

Finns are racisss for calling the boy terrorist; ok, that even I would call racist; yet...

Soon Finns will be racisss for accusing any non-Finn with a strap-on bomb in his chest a terrorist.

Already Finns are racisss for not liking FGM, and in the same time racisss for not being able to stop that tradition...

And our biggest problem is a boy being called a terrorist, not unknown numbers of girls being sent back home only to return without a part of their womanhood, not dialogue with a group that is the most fertile breeding ground for misguided extremists.

Biggest problem is tolerance. Anything less, racisss... asking accountability, racisss, asking anything is racisss... It is give give give... Anything else, racisss...

And then immigrant groups say they want more interaction with Finns.

Well, I do not see that "want" when I see the group of ten sitting in the coffee shop for hours not end, shouting discussing loudly, looking around aggressively, trying to intimidate passers by, causing finnflight from venue after venue.

I do not see that "want" when somehow it is only the male immigrants you see. No women. Nada. Zero. Zilch... (Except if they are supervised by a male or two, or multiple women each having four-five kids in tow )

For this multiculti virus infested zombie, the spots on the sun are the result of Finns racisssm,

And such is the lack of dialogue with a group of people that itself had to learn intra-group dialogue first. 

Finns are racisss...

For these zombies, so am I...

For these zombies, facts be racisss...

Logic be racisss...

The thing is, whatever I, my own people, or the Finns do, whatever; these zombies will find something else to blame on us, on our racisssm...

Since facts are racisss...

Logic is racisss...

2+2 = a diverse combination of numbers; calling it 4 is racisssm against a diverse combination of unknown numbers.

And this is the same mind that says

"FGM is a Finnish problem"
"We need immigrants to do the jobs..."
"Honor violence is a finnish problem..."
"We need immigrants to pay our retirements" (How fucking racist is that? Importing slaves, eh? And I am called raciss... Mofos)


Only, with a reach to millions, and backed by 400 or so million Euros, and backed by the law, and the party....

Endnote: I will kindly introduce the logical phrase, NASALT, not all Somalis are like that. which I truly believe from all my heart. Of course not all Somalis are like that. My friend who is a great sportsman, a hardworker, a good student and human being is not like that; the kid I met in a bar one night who works three jobs is not like that; this 13 year old boy going to school is not like that; the majority of the Somali people here are not like that. Hardworking people trying to make a living, many are. But facts are facts. And this text is in no way an incitement against the Somali people, or their community. This text is solely a reporting on a disagreement with the way media reports certain issues and presents unrelated facts in unrelated manners with unwarranted conclusions while omitting to present related news and omitting to present related arising issues. It is a disagreement with the dishonesty and the biased reporting of state owned media payed by my taxes that are taken from me without basis. A TV tax taken from one without a TV, after changing its name to Tax (I do not know the new name of the tax, and am not going to waste time finding it).

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