Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Triangle: The Diver

There is a Bermuda Triangle out there that swallows your sexual adventure possibilities.

This triangle consists of Divers, Orbiters, and Cockblockers.

Their mission in life is to destroy your sex life, and sometimes they do succeed.

This is part 1, The Divers.

Except the men who exclusively had committed relationships, every man that I know who is sexually active has dived. In the case of a man who gets laid, it may have come in conjunction with alcohol, simply to end a drought, or the investment was so low, the man thought, "Bust a nut for free, why not". In the case of men who don't get laid, it was, to get laid. But then, for these this would not be called diving anyway.

I have dived.

Few times, various reasons. In some it was alcohol, in some it was the drought, and in some I just wanted to bust a nut and an opportunity arose.

In all these times, I knew I would feel bad in the morning, and I did.

This is usually the case, you dive, you empty a nut. you nut feels good, your soul suffers.

Sometimes your friends get to hear about it, or they were there that night, and they show their love and affection for you by reminding you of that one time you dived, compared to the other times that were flying like an eagle.

I say all these about diving, but even if his self confidence suffers due to the dive, one man's dive does not affect his future prospects as much as other men's cumulative dives.

What I mean by this:

Two handsome, well dressed guys standing at the bar, having fun, laughing, chatting, just having a good time.

These two girls, barely average, spot these two guys, and get interested.

With puppy eyes they come "Where are you from?"

The guys, instead of staying in their high seats and having a friendly chat, immediately move to the flirty chat where they openly start hitting on the girls. Body language, tonality, the words spoken etc.

One guy leaning in to the girl, "What are you doing later?"

Girls not on their level approach the guys, the guys immediately show unearned interest, and in five minutes, the girls leave. I am not talking about having a normal fun chat; I am talking about a full frontal demonstration of sexual interest. And neither the girls, nor any other observer would have any idea that these guys are actually enjoying the company of gorgeous girls.

I do not care about these specific girls, would not touch them with a ten foot pole.

And actually I was the third guy and the question was directed at me, and I had taken a step back, just kept silent and watched the girls when the other two jumped in. I turned to the fourth guy to continue the chat. And observe.

What happens in situations like this is that the average girls in the venue see two attractive men jumping hoops for two average girls, so the observing average girls think that is the least they will accept in a man.

The attractive girls see these attractive guys go for the average girls, and this increases their already high standards.

Now an attractive girl will not show interest to an attractive man, who has shown interest to an Average Jenny.

She already had a high standard (which can be short circuited usually by extreme confidence, or assholeness), she wants a successful man, attractive, charming, fit, funny, manly, trendy etc, now she really will not look at anything other than a Greek god with godly charm, godly money, and godly intellect.

Two men's dive will not cause this. Hundreds of men diving each weekend will inevitably cause this. Hundreds of women observing hundreds of men happily diving, grateful for the opportunity, skewes the market. Fatties get fatter, they can afford it, the attractive just skyrocket their standards.. (Which can be destroyed by a man who is in the know)

Now the behavior that used to be enough to get with the attractive ones is not enough anymore.

Confidence? Confident guys just jumped hoops for average girls.
Looks? Same.
Attitude? Same
Whatever trait? Same

Now, only extremes work.

Unwavering confidence, total indifference, full on tease, if needed, total assholery, add extreme adjective previously attractive trait.

That is why the Divers are one corner of the Bermuda Triangle of the Sexual Sea. I did my little share in this. Learned my lessons. Many a night left home alone because did not want to dive when an opportunity arose.

Before I close, now imagine the damage the chubby lovers have done. Diving for busting a nut is something.... proudly holding hands is something else.

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