Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What kind of selection bias is this?

"Say you almost had a fight there, eh?"
I told to the guy who I was talking to, who half an hour ago was involved in a heated discussion with some Finns, something which I was surprised did not escalate into Finns getting glassed. *

"Heh heh.. Yea man, I grabbed his wife's breasts" he says, making the grab motion, with total pleasure in his face.

"I see they were good"

"Yea, yea... Nice big titties"

When he had noticed me five minutes ago I had thought to myself, "Shit... Here we go". I had ignored them for hours, they were drinking, grabbing women etc, too busy to notice me.

Four-five guys, one of them a decent man, the others.... Let's say, I am being friendly so as not to step on these guys' wrong foot. And this one in four ratio I observe in most of the non-academic circles walking the town. For every decent one, you get three psychopaths... Vibrating uncontrollably... Enriching us culturally, radioactively.

These are of the group that comes here through marriage. You know the one where Finnish woman goes on a eat pray love holiday and comes back married. After two weeks.

These are men that one would not interact with if he didn't have to....

But yea, Finnish women go to a holiday, get preyed on, get eaten out, get loved long time, and bring back these psychopaths;

Seriously..., eating praying loving, egzotic men loving Finnish woman;

You go to countries that have millions of decent men in one town and you come back with these...

After your two week eat pray love adventure,

We, the decent, suffer on a never ending "what the fuck you looking at" adventure.

Oh yea, after these loverboys divorce you, you go back to get a new one.

Thanks fucking lot, you should be institutionalized.

(Like a few other bureucrats who hand out visas to every shithead, but make the lives of educated foreigners hell)

*Whenever I have seen fists flying, one side without fail has been a vibrant youth or a cultural enricher. I accept, sometimes they did not start it, but most of the time an aggressive "hey" is answered by a vibrating fist or an enriching kick. There is no dialogue.

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