Saturday, February 11, 2012

What is hate speech? An introductory example

Free speech is a big issue nowadays, but it is surpassed by the hate speech issue.

Here is a short introduction:


Declaring "We hate you. You will either subjugate or we will kill you"; now, this is free speech.

Saying "Look, they say they hate us. They say that we shall subjugate, or they will kill us"; now, this is hate speech. Punishable by prison.


The one who is more easily offended defines free speech. If you have a group that is perpetually offended, then that will be the only group that will define what is hate speech and what is not. And since that group is incessantly offended,  when one day there is nothing even for them to be offended by, this will lead to them being offended by every single breath we take;

Eventually this will lead to our breathing being a hate crime.

What then? 

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