Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Another oooold lesson

Its a morning in turkey, finland is –twentysix, I have much more then plus six...
Sunny outside, but cold..
I am going through some old photos..
Saw a picture,
Year ninetyfive...
Graduation day of a highschool – not mine, but many friends from there..
and there she is, smiling.. Mini skirt, tight tshirt, diploma in her hand, a black graduation cap on her head.

One of the two girls I dated that spring year.
Beautiful.. very beautiful.. Swimmer, basketball player, volleyball player, all licensed, in the team...
Anyway, she is the girl in the story, “An old story”..

At that times we guys in grade nine had the habit of finding out girls’ phones and calling them without telling our name, and just saying “I saw you there, and liked you, my friend gave me your number”.. Five to six calls, was fun... I even got to get two dates that way...

...Am sitting in my best friends house, was planning to meet this girl, but she flaked on me, so I went to him..
After some time, he tells me if he can call her, he will try something.
So the usual system was put to work, I saw you there etc etc...
And at one point he asks her if they can meet, she says maybe,
He asks if she has a boyfriend, she says no...
Thirty seconds silence, he looks at me..
Continues chat, and closes the phone.
“I thought you guys were dating”
“So did I”

That was one big lesson I had...
Well, it was me laughing in the end, but the pain of that answer haunted me long time.
Was too good, just too good :)
Hea, you guys still wonder why Holy Philosoph Babe Goddess Ayca told me:

“How did this cute boy become this monster?”


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