Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Me behaving badly

Well here are three sms’s and one conversation I had, me behaving in a so-called-rude manner.. I would not see it like that though... Its just me, trading off one thing for another...

Actually the count rises :)


Playing with the thought if I should stop teasing her friend and give her the kiss she is longing for the last one and a half hours, or just use her as a means to satisfy my revenge feeling for her two best friends who bitched on me three years ago.
At some point, the friend she is with me, smoking a cigarette, blows the smoke in my face, one thing, nobody should do.
To her,
“you know it is rude to blow smoke into people’s face”
She blows it then to her friends’ face.
I turn to her flirt, and tell him,
“You know, women of nowadays do not have any decency...”
“The mothers have not taught the any manners...”
“Haha” – he starting to crack up... I turn to her, and back to him,
“Women used to be more fun in the old times, when we were young”
He explodes, I turn to her with the “so what “ look, she is soo pissed off, it takes her flirt the whole night to calm her down.
mine is justified behaviour?

Dunno, do not CARE


“Hello Finndistan, what are you doing tomorrow? I will be passing by Tampere on my way home, would like to meet.”
“What time?”
“Around four pm”
“Hmm.. I would appreciate it if you could come later, to my place, so we will have a relaxed, unhurried evening, unlike all or other, squeezed in afternoon meetings. It is quite hard to arrange the afternoon.”
“See you some other time than”
“Ok, have a nice trip”

She is a girl I like, somebody I enjoy conversating with, and somebody I have coffee-dated couple of times, a year ago. Someone, whose friend calls me when she is in town... Someone who turns me on.. but has not accepted any of my invitations yet.. So, what I did, was at work till four thirty, went to sports at five, and was home by seven thirty, watched a movie, and slept..


Supposed to meet this girl in Teerenpeli.. Seven thirty.. she is an old friend, who quit talking to me a year ago, but after I wished he a merry christmas, she decided she wanted a coffee with me.. I said fine, lets have it.
Friday, Seven forty five...
“Finndistan, are you going to come?”
“I am here, in Teerenpeli, as suggested, and waiting”
“I am in Telakka”
“There must’ve been a misunderstanding... Lets meet tomorrow then”
Telakka is like 20 minutes walking distance from teerenpeli, and it is -10
“You said Telakka in the sms you sent me, come here”
“No, lets meet tomorrow”
“Come, you have a car”
“Car is home, sleeping, meet tomorrow 2pm telakka, or come here” – That day I walked to the gym...
She does not answer for ten minutes.. so I send,
“Tomorrow 15?”


In doris, saturday night, I met this cute, extremely cute, padre’s daughter, a theology student... After dancing without air between our lower body, around three twenty, she says, she’s gonna leave, if I would please call her on sunday.. I say no, lets continue the night, she says she will sleep, and if I will call her, I say I will.. She repeats the request three times more. I get her number...

At nine am in the morning, I get up to pee, and then send her a message,
“Will have breakfast around twelve, you are welcome, will go back to sleep”
“Twelve is too early, is five pm too late?”
I was supposed to meet my neighbor at seven, to watch Lord of the rings, so I decided, it is too early...
“Yes it is, come when you wake up.”
No more replies received after that..
Told her I will go to movies at seven, but think she forgot it.. And now I so much regret not having spared her the one and a half hours until sixthirty...


“Lets go to my place” I say
“So where do you want to go?”
“Hotel room upstairs” – We are in Ilves Niteclub, below the hotel..
“You have a room?”
“No, will rent one.”

So we go to the reception, and she does not talk to the receptionist... I wait.. wait.. she looks at me like, “go get a room”.. The receptionist is having fun...
I pull her back,
“So, you want me to get a room?” – at least 120 euros for a nite
“No. I said we can go to my place, you said hotel.. so you get the room.”
“No you get it”
“No, my place is so close that I will not pay for this”
“How much is it?”
“Dunno, but expensive”
“Lets share the pay?” – Wonder what she will offer..

Opens her purse and takes out twenty five euros.. So I will pay one hundred?? My ass...
“That will not cover the breakfast here, and I will not cover the rest of the room... My place is close, we can get a cab, brakfast included, free. We are going there” – By this point, I am ready to leave on my own. Will not pay 100 euros for a night after having drunk five jaegermeister shots before drinking four velko’s!
“Where do you live?”
“No hotel?”
“Ok, let’s go”


The end

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