Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The ultimate proof

Yesterday went to the shooting range, had some shots from twenty five meters with .22 caliber guns, then were chilling out at a friend’s place, where I heard one of the best proofs for my texts.....

The texts, for which many blame me as being pregidious, sexist and even racist sometimes, whereas I am only reporting on observations...
The story evolves in the night, some two months ago, when an Italian friend together with a Turkish guy was celebrating his birthday in Senssi.

Sometime through the night this girl approaches me,
Digging me,
All over me,
“you are gorgeous...”
“You are sexy”
“Ohhh so handsome...”
As I am after another girl who is not in the vicinity, sadly, and as it is the Italian’s birthday, I present this girl to him, as a birthday gift,
“If you want me, first you have to talk to my manager” I say, and pass the girl over to him.....
They chat, I see them go dancing, and I leave the bar..

After I leave, while they dance, the issue pops up, and the girl learns he is Italian...
“You are not Turkish??”
“No, am Italian..”
“But your friend is Turkish”
“But I am Italian”
With a gesture of a plane flying high,
“In that case your points go waaaaaaaaaaaay up!”



  1. NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

  2. Russia - forever!