Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Finnish insencerity

Landed on sunday nite.
Went on a business trip the next day, had very good time with my colleagues and people I do not know,
Came back on Wednesday, went to lunch and was reminded of the Finnish insincerity I am living through:

A good friend, lets call her Emma, though not Finnish, to prevent shit being thrown on her, went to the sweat class in the school gym on Monday.
Sweat is a circuit training class, thirty to forty people, seventy-five minutes.
The teacher is a Finnish girl, also comes to my gym, and hard time getting replies for my “hi’s”..

Emma is a busy girl,
Monday she is late for the class,
When she enters the gym, people are warming up,
She runs to the dress room, and she returns to the sweat area when people are on their third exercise.
Instructor looks at her and over the sound of the music, the shouting begins
“You cannot come, it is already full”
“Why is that, we can create another station”
“You are late already 15 minutes”
“You just started I know, I can start from here”
“Sorry, I can not create station, people have already started they can not ..”
“ ??”
E.. pissed off, she leaves.

Another friend of her told that five minutes after this incident, two Spanish guys just walked in to the exercise area and started circuit training she created a jumping station for them, without a sound from the instructor bit**...

Is there a mental disorder called Latino dick love syndrome?

I wonder...

Some history:

This girl has a history with me too...
Used to go to the sweat classes myself, three four times a week, and she was there most of the time, as a visitor like me..

I had quite good relations with the instructors, and she was their friend. When she was close by when I was chatting with the instructor, she had always this yyaaack look on her face.

One day, a friend of mine came to sweat, and Italian.
We talking English, he has eee this eeee Italian accenteeeee.. Verry heavieeeee
Suddenly she stops what she’s doing, turns around,
She looks at him, her face lightens up, and next I see she is all over him and the other Italian girl who is his friend...

Interesting, ain’t it...

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