Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Women blowing up

Now another chauvinistic materialistic text by me,
This is a proscientific article,

Topic: women with boyfriends..

Hypotheses : Women no matter what they look like, tend to gain weight, extreme weight, when in a relationship


- One of my exgirlfriends, now I realize I left her cause she gained too much weight in the eight months we dated. Had a nice belly, but in the eight months the belly multiplied, as did the butts... When I met her a year after we broke up, she was back to being a babe. Tight ass, tight belly.
- A girl I knew. Did not give me her number. Was not a small girl. One seventy five and a little over belly, nice butts, shaped legs. Strong looking. Found a boyfriend, and now she is impossible to recognize. Looks like having given birth two quads... – four babies at once...
- A doris girl... Not beautiful, but sexy.. Admit, big breasts are attractive for males. Started dating this tarantino imitation, and now is in the fat top five in doris. All that in one year.
- Friend of one of the most sexiest girl I had been with. She was a cute little girl two years ago. When I quit seeing her friend, she started with this hip hop guy, and now she is walking in doris with lifesaver rings.
- My first hairdresser. Had the best touch I ever knew on my head. This redhead. A friend, and now she is a chubby redhead.
- Many girls in the nitelife I had seen long ago. Who got lost for a time, and then came back on the market, average gain eight kilos.
- Many girls in school, I have seen for three years, few who are walking hand in hand with a guy get thinner.
- One girl I met couple of times. Went to Helsinki in the summer, found a boyfriend, came back with new clothes...
- A Turkish friend was hitting on her.. Not a thin girl.. But she chose to take the man of a girl I know... Couple of months later, I just walked past her, thinking who was this...
- Nokia summer party. See my friend, and immediately ask her who the hottie beside her is.. Get friends with her.. A year or two later I see her, oh oh...

Proof: exists

Solution: Hypotheses is correct.

Theory: Single women are on the lookout, so take care of themselves to get their price higher. A boyfriend eliminates this need. Thus women tend to poooofffff....

Exceptions: Women dating exceptional guys. They tend to stay same. And I know a couple of exceptional guys.

Personal note: A person expecting this from a woman, shall give the same respect to expecting it from himself, without regard to the woman’s wish, as your first relationship is with yourself, and respect also has to be shown to this relationship.


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