Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Differing Ideas

Remembered last time when I was thinking about men behaving badly, and how much fun it actually can be to tease.
Was another realization that everything is dependent on viewpoints.
As master Einstein has put it: Relativity

A place where it seems, my name precedes me.

Hook up with the sister of a goodfriends’ friend, I am materialistic, so, she is blonde, no belly, one eighty plus height, cute face... And intelligent little girl. – thought she was 24 something, turned up to be 18 later on...

Well, human interaction.
Anyway, there is nobody interesting that nite, so no need to go hunting around, and I am enjoying my time.
She needs to go to the ladies room,
I go and get a soda, come back to the place we were, and enjoy the music and the uninteresting surroundings.

My memory mistreats me here, the girl comes back and then goes to get a beer or so.. Do not recall that much..
I just know that not five heartbeats away from going towards the bar, she meets this one guy, starts talking, and I am understanding that it is time to make the surroundings more interesting. E.g.: Come down the god pedestal into the prince mood :)

Sometime then,
And older woman approaches me – older are quite rare in doris
“I was observing you”
“I say you are a very different man”
“What makes you come to that specific conclusion?”
“You were with this one beautiful girl, and when she left to the toilet, you waited for her”
“Could be, and that shows?”
“This is so unusual. You did not go hit on some other women in meantime”
“Yep I did not. Thanks for your opinion. I like women who say what they think”
Giggles, and goes back to her table.

To the one showing you respect.

All relative.

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