Wednesday, February 18, 2004

God speaks through music

Smells like sex...
Felt like I emptied all I have...
Lying on her chest, her sweat and mine mixed...

One ear hear a dubdup dubdup dubdup... Fast, really fast...

And suddenly I realize the song playing...
I realize its God’s voice speaking...

the song is Özgurluk - Freedom, by Tarkan
What I got was this part:

Rüzgara, yildizlara sordum
"Yorulma bosuna; aldanma
O zaten hep seninle" dediler
Kuslara, yagmurlara sordum
"Özgürlük içinde, kalbinde
Uzaklarda arama" dediler

Bir hazine ki: o en kiymetli, o en tatli
Ama kimde anahtari:
Nerede sakli?....

Asked the wind, asked the stars,
“Do not get tired, deceived,
it is always with you” they said
Asked the birds, asked the rains,
“Freedom is in you, in your heart
don’t look for it far away” they said

Such a treasure, the most valuable, the most sweet,
but who has the key?
Where is it hidden?


Was thinking about this when the second song came up,

Guano Apes, Lord of the Boards
I've got the snowboard under my feet
I can fly so high, I can fall so deep
But who do I see comin' up the track
A little green man with the snowboard on his back


And now I'm flying like an angel to the sun
My feet are burning and I grab into another world


But then, the third song hit me in my half asleep tired relaxed state:

Athena – Ask Mesk Yok – There is no Love

Ben hiç bilmem
Bu islerden anlayanlardan çok
Kafani yorma, ask mesk yok!
I do not know
More than ones understanding these,
Dont get troubled,
There is no love, there is no love.

And I fell asleep.....

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