Friday, October 22, 2004

Drunk Women, yes... or no???

Two parts:

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Part one:

I am leaning to the bar with my friends on Saturday night,
A girl comes by, I give her eye contact… she stops…
So I introduce her to my friend, but I get total interest from the girl..
My friends leave…
It’s not late yet..
Around twelve.. Early..
I start chatting with the girl…
A little belly…
And turns out she is thirty two..… I thought late twenties.. Blame it on make up…
She wants to touch my face, but that is only permitted for a girl I am kissing.. Nobody else touches my face.. I really get pissed off…
Told her not to..
She tried, I declined, and she got the message…
A little more chat, and I get her dancing in front of me, enjoying every second of the sight…
The whole chat takes about a quarter an hour, my friends getting the message in the first minute, left already…

In the meantime, she has my hand in hers, and put it up to kiss it… Booomm… That is a no no.. No woman kisses my hand other than foreplay… In foreplay you can paralyze me by that, but not in a bar.. Where I know I have the power over the girl, and nothing will happen…

Gets the message…

Her hand starts caressing my chest, my belly, and me the pleasure seeker, enjoy that too.
Mentions her sister, a little talk about her, and I actually see the possibility of a threesome with two sisters.. But still..
The nite is early, and I am not going to spend it with her…
Ask for her number, get it, she says please call me…
I call her, as I said, on Tuesday, and here is the answer:

“I’m so sorry, I was very drunk last Saturday, and I didn’t know what I was doing.. So I don’t want to meet, or keep any contact with you, Sorry!”
At this message I knew I had a story, so I wanted more info which I can write down,
“Funny. Sad that you were drunk. Maybe sad maybe good, that I did not exploit that. But tell me one thing: Why the change?

Answer came:
“I don’t have any explanation. I just don’t want to meet you. So, please, don’t contact me”
Now I am wondering, do Finnish women get drunk to justify their fast and easy sex, to find an excuse for the idea of themselves being a slut?

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After mentioning the SMS in the DRUNK WOMEN story, commenting at the end,
I got these three mails as reply from friends..

“They are..
Meeting today the redhead,, 1st she got interested, then she thought I'm a player/looking for 1 nights, then she seems interested again.. Random mind?


Non Finn:

“C'mon *****... from which planet are you coming? Are you sure you are Finnish? that your parents didn't adopt you? :-)
... normal behaviour... As I said, women are afraid to be happy! they can not admit that we know what is best for them :-)”

Another non-Finn:

“Hmmm.. these girls ! It's like they are in some kind of " Stupidity contest" just as you start to think you've seen the worst they hit with another hard stupid ball.... f....k”

Simple man’s mind….

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