Monday, October 25, 2004

What Am I Supposed To Think?

I think it was last weekend…
We are leaving Ukko Noa, and waiting outside for our Finn to come…
As usual, he is late..

A girl has come to him, and something as written down here has happened:

"Hello, do you have some time to chat?”
“Oh, I was just leaving. Do you know the foreigners who were with me by the table?”

Why this question was asked, I don’t know, I asked, and the reason is still a mystery. The Finn says he was playing Mr. X, and so he played the innocent, not knowing what was going on. So used us as some innocence shield or something.. Really, asked, but did not understand the answer…

But what shall I think about the answer the girl gave:
“Yes, but I did not have sex with Finndistan”

If this girl will be shown to me, she will be banged hard.

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