Saturday, October 16, 2004

Player meets the bitch – Reloaded '

This happened three weeks ago...

So the girl from Player Meets the Bitch..
Is walking past me, stops..
I don’t remember now, but something like..
“You are an asshole…”
“Huh?.. Hi, btw…”
“you left me all alone there that nite”
“Hey hey… hold on there… you were the one to tell me to fuck off, then ignore me…”
“no you left..”
“after your behavior.. do you think I will get down on my knees and beg? C’mon.. where do you live…”
“no you left..”
“fuck it.. I left, because you fucked me off… I had such a great night, until you fucked it up.. Now don’t tell me it was me who left..”
“no, I did not.. You just got up and went away…”
“now lady… listen.. this happened – tell her the story what happened – “
“you bastard… don’t lie…”
“why the fuck shall I lie… this is like it happened.. now if you don’t remember, it’s your fucking problem” – I am so pissed off… As I really had a very good evening till she freaked out…
“you are an asshole…. You are lying…”
“Get away from my face… And come back when you remember the fuck you did….”

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