Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The killer conversationalist...

Ukko Nooa,
Two weeks ago, Saturday.
I see the girl who I met in the toilets of Amarillo, some months back.
Let’s call her Amar.

Has the same name as Rabbit.
And actually there was a third girl with the same name; the Italian is after that one.

So, Amar comes to say hello.
Some conversations:


Buddy: Hello, so where did you meet Finndistan?
Amar: We fucked.
Buddy: …………..


Amar: Wanna fuck?
Me: Lets go out, I know a place, close by. We can give the drinks to my friends; they will keep an eye on it…
Amar: What?
Me: Yea, fifteen minutes is all we need ?
Amar: Let’s go to my place.
Me: No.

She did not come. Wanted to go home. I wanted some outside action, and come back to Ukko. So I declined. She declined.


Me, and Rabbit talking, Amar comes, so that Rabbit hears also:

Amar: Finndistan, are you gonna fuck me or her tonight? I need to know, so I can find somebody else.
Finndistan: I told you what I will do and what not.
Amar: If you are not going with me, I will fuck my ex.. But I don’t like him.
Finndistan: Then I can’t help you.


The next week,
Buddy picks up a fight with this girl.
ItalianBuddy is shown two fingers, followed by a “fuck off”

Two weeks later,
Rabbit has a chat with the girl, and as I heard, it really was not in my favor : ) Though I still wonder what was told.

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