Wednesday, December 01, 2004

An interesting observation....

Went to Doris on a Saturday after long time...
Was dressed casually, and a little over whiskied..

Met three girls at that night,
All three ended up behaving like a kid who just heard the teacher will check homeworks, ran away, and kept on checking me out throughout the night…

The talks were nothing of serious nature..
And a laugh was never missing – This mood I get sometimes. And maybe should stick to the girl who never makes me get out of it… (Note to myself: Stop fucking with your mind.)
Introductions were done normally, not too much touching or so…
And as said, they kept on checking me out, whenever passing by, shyly put their head lower.

As I will not play the “I am shy”, “I am excited” – (Some women do get me excited to the point of total failure, they know themselves, and to keep that specialty for them, I refuse playing excited among women I am not) – “Oh I don’t know what to do to get you like me”, or the low profile – Which I cannot even get in my lowest days,

I guess, what I need is a woman, not a girl, and that comes with age, experience, nature, and choices.

The solution lies in having a better initial screening, and a selection done in the first ten seconds, so as not to loose time with this kind of incidence. Fun I can have with myself, or my friends, or, a woman who will not run at the sight of me, hands in pockets.
And I hope this selection will be based on something more than a boob ass combination.

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