Sunday, December 12, 2004

Everlasting Love, ...My Ass

The original was written 5.12.2004,
The update is added to the bottom.

Old Pricks,
Somewhere in November...
I am there with the guys, four or five, the same night as ”This is Finland”,
Only one girl I would like to bang that night, so I go to her….

Information I learned in the first three minutes,
She is single for a few weeks now,
Not looking for a ONS,
If I am into no relationship I should go.
If I am looking for a relationship I should stay.

Curiosity in how long I will be in Finland.
And she is looking for a relationship already…..

I see,
No time for that…
Those kinds of women are crazy… (check “What lies beneath”)

When I leave, the guy who hit on her before me came back, he was shot down the first time, this time he did not…

Next day,
On Saturday, she arrives to Panama with that guy, all over each other,
When I leave with a good girl friend, she is leaving too, gives me a goodnite, I said the same…

Two weeks later, the same guy is banging some other older gal….
That was a relationship…

In that case…,
I love relationships!!!!

Update on 7 April 2005:

So this girl has gotten at least four confirmed kills in the past months. With all she is holding hands - and act more sacred than having sex, in my agenda....

This is a relationship mode.... In that case, what does it mean that "you are a player..." Am I supposed to lay 299 girls in a month??

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