Wednesday, December 15, 2004

If I am desperate, you are fucking pathetic – TWO

So, the next sentence,

“You are working hard, being here every week.”

Heard it many times…
Hard work is in the week..
When you come home from a bloody day, and pass out on the couch…

For me, going out is fun.
Fun is not hard work..
I do not work for it.

I go out, have chats, women and men, have flirts, only with women, and enjoy myself, and my company.
That is hard work?

Well, I am not part of the kind of men who are so plentiful outside, who cannot say “hi” to another human being, let alone women, before having more alcohol in his veins than blood.
No, for me interaction is something which is entertaining, not something which I have to do in this damn unfair difficult world.
Not something for which I have to loose my self in alcohol, to be able to say two words in a row to a woman.

It just is in the nature.

I go out. Enjoy. I talk. Enjoy. I flirt. Enjoy. I shoot down. Enjoy. Don’t shoot down. Enjoy. I fuck. Enjoy.

Now, if you are a person, who calls going out, hard work, can’t start a bloody conversation without being drunk, and still complain all the time that you are drunk – what the fuck do I care - , get drunk to overcome the “social pressures” of being surrounded by people, get drunk to get drunk…

If I am desperate without having the needs above,
Using the word pathetic on you is an insult to the pathetic people in the world.

You are sick.

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