Wednesday, December 15, 2004

If I am desperate, you are fucking pathetic – THREE

You sit on this table all the time, that’s not good.”


I heard it from many people,
I sit on the table all the time.
I do not turn faster than a chronometer around the bar,
Actually after some time I quit counting how many times people have passed in front of my face making their turns of the bar.

I sit on the table.
On my left I have a friend.
On my right I have a friend.
On the other side I have another friend.

I am with them, and I am not.
A girl I know, who knows I am there has come, so I am with her for the moment.

She goes, another one comes.

If none comes, I have some chat, enjoy myself..
Or reduce my surroundings to an empty space ,and dwell in my own thoughts accompanied with the music…

Occasionally I go up, take a walk around to see if there’s some chick I missed, as other hunters out there do, take a leak and come back.
My territory. Leave to hunt, if food is scarce.
A good overview, a clothing hanger, and an ashtray..
Ah, and good music in my ear…

So, I am desperate for enjoying my presence, for taking pride in being…

Then you, by desperately turning around the bar, hoping you’ll spill some beer to start a conversation, with which you will hopefully end up having sex, and almost racing with the chronometer, on who will make a faster turn, not being able to hold on to one place, getting intimidated by people getting close to them,
If your walks are based on an unending desperate search for any mate, based on your insecurity to deal with another human being closer than ten meters, et fucking c…

If you call me desperate,
I am sorry for calling you the pathetic human ghost without any human abilities that you civilized people should have.

I prefer to be the ape, if this, what you are, is human.

And prefer to be desperate but content with myself.

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