Monday, April 04, 2005


Just was chatting with a friend, and he asked me:

Friend says:
do you know a girl called Olla?
finndistan says:
zzz's friend
Friend says:
No Olla
finndistan says:
tall, 25... frequents henries,….
Olla.. describe
Friend says:
Tall and dark waved hears
she knows you as a german
do you have the number? I do. With can compare and see if she is the same person
finndistan says:
No number.
So she knows me...
Tall and dark waved hairs..
that is ulla
or olla
Friend says:
finndistan says:
isn't she zzz's friend? in onnela saturday
and we talked to her in ukko a few months back?
Friend says:
Probably. I knew her but cant remember from where.
finndistan says:
Friend says:
She asked about you.
finndistan says:
now I am curious.
friend says:
then she told that there is another onnela in helsinki but her friend told her that many turks in there and she made a disgusted face.
i was laughing my ass off
finndistan says:
Will send to you for confirmation.
Friend says:
but she gave me her number because some party and she wanted to invite me... Or probably you

She knows me as a German.. Wonder about her reaction about me ending up at her party with a turkish flag and a bottle of raki.


  1. well... there are c. 2400 Turkish citizens living in Finland... mainly men. Of these, the police suspects c. 800 of a crime... So don't be too surprised if people are bit wary about turks...

  2. I would post a reply to this, but will get me in trouble with some Turks in the country. And that is something I do not need.

    (Acceptance of criminality, yes)
    (Being only ones who are criminal, no)

    Let me just say, most of the Turks in Finnland are the ones brought here by Finnish women.