Friday, April 29, 2005


Met a few friends for a drink on a nite, and we went to Emma, there was supposed to be a porn party... Porn my ass…

Chatting, four guys, Smirnoff ice, by the dancefloor, I am leaning on some rails with my butt…

I feel hands on my butts, turn around to see two girls I know the face of…, don’t pay attention, and continue chatting with the guys…. If I sleep with any of those two, I will be pussy brothers with half the town, have no intention for that….

A few minute later, again a hand.. This time the other of the two, so I turn around:

“Whose hand was that, ladies?”
“No hers, I wish it was mine”

“So, next time you want to do something like that, first say hi, and then ask for permission”
“But you will not give it”
“Maybe.. Maybe not”, and turn around….

Question: Did I miss a pussy?
Answer: Yes, maybe two…

Question: Was it worth it?
Answer: Definitely.

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