Monday, April 04, 2005

One lightbulb in my head

Always wondered why I cannot put myself to go and learn the language of the country I am living in.

It is disrespectful not to speak it after four years... Even though I can let my thoughts out in the native language, it is not more than a two year old kid…

So as I was sitting in Coffee house with a lady form Norway, talking about this and that,

The subject arose, and how difficult Finnish is and so… I noticed the couple sitting beside us, having a lively conversation, and a spark lit up in my head...

I told her:

“You know, it’s not the lack of time, or the difficulty of the language, no… It is the fact that not knowing the language well, not understanding your surroundings, gives you the feeling of being a tourist, the feeling of having a temporary stay in a place. I think that could be it…”

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