Tuesday, April 12, 2005

How relevant is this information????

Today, I read in the archives of Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki News) an article about HIV infected mothers. Here is the article.

While talking about how well the Finnish healthcare professionals have managed to stop the child from getting infected by HIV, they mention that in a number of cases, this has not been possible. These cases, it is reported, are mainly immigrant mothers, who did not know, or did not have access to proper care.

Later in the article, it is written that 60-70 Hepatitis B carrying pregnant women have been diagnosed, “most of them of foreign origin”….

I felt discriminated.
I felt as if I am a virus carrier.

“Hey Suomalainen, see, we have a few cases of local sicks, but we can treat them well.. But beware of the foreigners, they are spreaders of the viruses”

The same happens when a foreigner is struck down by Finns… Hardly seen in newspapers…
Beware if a foreigner does it…
Want to point out that: I am using multiple for Finn, singular for Foreigner...

Really, cannot blame the Finnish people too much, with such an attitude of newsmaking…


  1. Try reading Richard D. Lewis's new book, Finland: the Cultural Lone Wolf. You might learn something. For example the fact that the Finnish press is widely regarded as quite possibly the most objective in the world. E.g. Turkey shines in the opposite sense... ;)

  2. ...also, regarding "struck down" foreigners, unfortunately the statistics show that it's proportionally hundreds of times more likely for a Finn to be "struck down" by a foreigner than vice versa. Again, the Turks are among the most active foreigners...

  3. Turks may not have objective media, and we never claim to have.

    Finland claims. And in my opinion, it is a misleading claim.

    The "striking down" is written in the context of media coverage the event gets.

    About the same subject, an incident which happened a week ago, may include an apology from the Finns, due to my one sided writing (p.s.: not one sided view, as in between lines, my ideas about foreigners in finland are more clear.)

  4. Please "anonymous".... send a link to the statistics 'cause I can prove to you (with Finnisg statistics :-) that Finland is much more a dangerous, criminal place than Sicily (well-known for mafia).
    PS. How many drunk finns remember to put a condom? and we know already that drunkness is "quite" possibly the most true condition in which finns have casual sex.