Monday, April 25, 2005

Freaky situation

Some time ago, playing a game with buddies, and as I am winning once more, do not concentrate on the game, looking around…

So I see these two girls sitting in the corner checking me out. Fine. I am winning..
“Guys, I am passing all the next rounds”
And go to the ladies’ table…

Some chat, some drinks, me, the two girls, and a guy leave the place, to go to some other.
Half an hour later, me, the two girls, but no guy leave that place, too…

Here are two conversations from that night:

Girl 1:
“Tanja, come here, join us”
Girl 2:
“No, I am in a relationship for five years”

She was naked in less than five minutes…

Late that nite, three thirty, on the landlady’s bed.. Naked…

“No, you go sleep with her”
“I don’t think we two fit on that couch…”
“You can’t sleep here”
“And why is that?”
“My boyfriend will come in half an hour”
“I will take a walk then”……..

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