Monday, April 04, 2005

Would you mind if I ask for a small request?

Hello all!!

I thank you for being on this site, and hopefully enjoying it!!
I will kindly ask you to send me the title of the stories you like most.
One, three, five… Just let me know which ones are your favorites.

You can send me an email,

Or just use the comment function below.
Thank you a lot,
I will appreciate your help!



  1. Hi,

    at first I would like to thank you for writing such a great blog. I really enjoy reading your experiences from the night life. The best thing is that you write about things that are usually left unsaid.

    However, it is pretty hard to choose one favourite entry since they are all pretty good. Thus I will have to choose two:

    In "The Club"

    This entry is excellent, because it describes the athmosphere of that night club perfectly. (I have been there one time and I am not going to go back)

    Nationality Gets You Laid

    What I can say? This is just plain perfect and so true. I guess it is also a bit sad, but the entry was excellent.

  2. I liked "Is living in Tampere being buried alive" most. Maybe because, I have very similar feelings,
    nice work, bad environment

  3. You have made very observant notions of Tampere's bar scene. I mostly agree with you, that's just the way the things are. Your blog provides 'outsider' point of view and thus valuable information. Keep posting.

    Two of my favourites are "Poor Finnish guys" and "Nationality gets you laid."