Monday, April 25, 2005

Unwanted rudeness turned around

In the same bar, see this guy I know from the gym. He has two women beside him. One of them, I know from the Body Pump lessons…

Get myself introduced.

I know she is older than I am, though many twenty year olds would want her body… and I know she knows I am younger than her, though not as young as I am, with a body I would not be in the position to comment about. :)

Chatting for less than a minute, she reveals she is thirty five,

“I have a son three and a half years old…”
“Oh.. He is younger than I am”

This stupid and rude remark made by me, somehow turned out to be a good icebreaker, and the chat, to my surprise continued in a fun way…

This once more proves the rule, “Does not matter what you say, does matter how you say”

Though, I believe, if you go and say “hferfsfdfvhfd hoooaaaa booaaa rghpfffffft”, this rule will not apply…

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