Saturday, January 28, 2012

The EUcrats are not totalitarian, continues the media to claim

Of course they are not totalitarian, they are post-totalitarian... They passed the points of totalitarianism long time ago; the only difference is that since the citizens of the EU are sheeple, we do not see the brown shi(r)ts, or the army control of fascism.

EU Commission demands changes to Finnish driving laws

The European Commission has referred Finland and Portugal to the EU's Court of Justice over their failure to adopt national legislation updating 2009 driver's license requirements.

Ahh. the EU courts of justice, of human rights... The overlord of all of us. 

Finland has yet to fully transpose a directive into law that will ease requirements for people with deteriorated eyesight, diabetes and epilepsy to gain licenses. The deadline to amend rules on driver's licenses was in September 2010.


Look, all around us is white in daytime, and very bad visibility in darkness due to all the lamps on the street getting reflected into your eyes from all sides... and it is dark for 16 hours, at some point.

The windshields are frozen, it takes time to defrost totally...

And so on.

And the EUcrats sitting in Brussels of course once again want to change laws they have no idea about. 

The 2009 amending directive represents an advantage to those with these conditions because it adapts previous fitness requirements to scientific progress made in the treatment of these impairments.

Yea... Just like men have to do 20 pushups in the army and women 20 pushups from the knees.

One thing is forgotten though:

Just like army equipment does not discriminate between sexes, sunlight coming in from 15degrees (summer mornings, straight into your eye) does not discriminate between eyesight.


EUcrats, here is one more thing:

Mandatory headlights.  Headlight are mandated to be on all the time; in summer to counter the low hanging nightsun, and in the winter the non-present light.

You know, it increases emissions, those 50watt lamps.

Ban the usage of mandatory on headlights!

You got the power!

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