Friday, March 02, 2012

No more flying, wingman candidate..

Things I write are always personal stories, and such, may seem meaningless. There, not if always, but many times, is a lesson there. Especially for the young guns.

I like the number three.

One is a mistake.
Two is a trend.
Three is Bye Bye.


Barmaid smiles at me, cute little thing. Does not acknowledge the candidate.

"Dude, she is so into me. One day I will do her so bad"

And then attempts at getting her attention, bad attempts.

One. Mistake.

I need to remind you this kid is fast. A handsome speedy devil.


Girl walks all the way across the bar to say hi, to me. A girl that I have been interested in and a girl who has been interested in me, just have jot found the right time right place yet. After the chat, the flirt, etc, I introduce them.

When she leaves,

"Dude, I was almost tucking her a year ago. I had a girl with me so I had to shoot her down"

Two. Trend.

The guy you are out with is supposed to talk, but not talk bullshit, or try to one up you every single time.

I had not waited for Three to happen, for the Bye Bye, but it happened without him knowing it.

"Dude, after you talked with her, I went and talked with her. Did not work out" yea, after I talk to a girl for more than half hour... Still am unaffected... to a point.

What he does not know is this:

" Strange, last night only one more foreigner talked with me. An Italian came to talk after our first chat"


So, you are talking to a girl that I have clearly been flirting with. And you say you are Italian. A lie. (that I endorse if it is done far away from me)

Three. Bye Bye.

Two was Bye Bye. Three is going kamikaze on the candidacy.


If you want the law of "Bro's before ho's" to be held in effect.

Behave like a motherfucking bro,
Not a goddamn Ho.

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