Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The bunny who thinks she is a turtle, and a resolution

We had met some weeks ago, she made it clear she takes it slow.

I was not attracted enough to pursue in the way that would have gotten me laid in seven days' time. Could have taken her to a date in town, dinner and wine, and by the end of the week, dinner and wine in my place, and the key would open the lock.

I have my peculiarities, and this is one of them: I did not do it.
I have my peculiarities: I told her I only meet in private.

So our relationship turned into sexting.

This went on for some weeks, where she many times mentioned she wants me to take her out to town, I made it clear we meet in my place.

Like I said, I was not attracted enough to go through the hassle. Though the woman is gorgeous, it was not enough to turn on the switches.

Sexting was around five weeks ago.

In the meantime we met, and the flirt continued, to the second base.

Less than three weeks ago, she texts me from my usual bar, "Why are you not here?", I was out of the country.

So I am back, and she had not replied to my message two weeks ago, nor did she initiate contact,

So I send one, asking what she is up to,

"I am in a serious relationship now"

That, a girl who claims "I am slow", "I need to get to know you", "I do not take guys home from bars" and so on.
That, from a girl who was sexting me, and calling me just three weeks ago.
A slow girl going serious in three weeks. I would call that speedy.

Though the main reason was my lack of attraction towards her, still I made the mistake of listening to a woman.
Not taking her to dinner, even if I knew it would open the lock, is my decision. That is not the issue. Could have had her easily, was not willing to do what was necessary. Was seeing if I could get that self proclaimed "Difficult girl" in a way that I deem easy. But listening to her was a mistake.

It is a good thing because it once again is a lesson to not listen to what a girl says, to remember when the one comes who I am attracted to.

There are few options: He is more attractive than me; or he clearly showed he would commit to a woman he just met; he was willing to go on a dinner date to get laid, she was spinning more than one plate while sexting me, I got played, I was special,

It really don't matter.

What matters is that a man never forgets to finish the sentences a woman says

"I am slow"... with you
"I need to get to know you"... because you are special, but I did not need it with him, him, him, him...
"I do not take guys home from bars"... unless it just happens
"I did this the first time"... with you. The previous ones don't count
"You are special"... unlike him, him, and them, who I rode the night I met them
"I am difficult"... for you
"I am not easy"... for you... you made me decide to change my ways

And so on.

Unless you have concrete information what she is saying is true, finish the sentence according to the examples above.
Always assume multiple plates spinning, and if it is not you who is getting laid, somebody else is.

New year's resolution #7.


  1. "A slow girl going serious in three weeks. I would call that speedy."

    Sounds like her monthly cycle might be in effect here. A few weeks is enough to go from PMS to her ovulation peak and become infatuated big time with another guy she met at that time. In my experience this is not uncommon.

  2. Rather than a cycle, I think she was just looking for a male actor to fill the part in her fantasy play.

    If I had accepted her conditions of showing her my intentions are "good" by taking her to a dinner, it would have been me.

    Apparently some other dude, took the offer and ran with it, and now got the part.

    This tells a lot about "the one". Four, five weeks ago it could have been me.

  3. "What matters is that a man never forgets to finish the sentences a woman says"

    Hah, that's a great list.