Monday, January 17, 2011

Why is it so difficult?

This was the relationship of an acquaintance of mine.

It broke up just after they moved in.

The girl seemed unfazed. The guy lost 10 kgs in a month.

The break up happened two, three months ago.

Will all standards, enough time, for her to find a new guy.

There I was, sitting with a beer in my hand, a friend by my side. A friend who I tried to guide to a different path so many times that I gave up and wrote him off as "Will marry the first girl he finds".

Sitting on the couch, sipping the beer, I saw this girl come to the dancefloor, immediately jump on some spanish dude (yup, this place is a gold mine for latinos), smooch him, climb on him (yup), pretty much use him as a stripper pole that can be kissed.

I turned to my friend,

"Effing slut, could not wait few more months before she went all out in public"
"Dude, what is wrong with that? They broke off"
"Do it in private. Not in here"
"She can do what she wants"

Yea, do your shit in private not in public. What is wrong with asking for some dignity from a girl?

On a side note: The tagged part pictures from Facebook do show an interesting side of women...

The one thing I cannot understand is why is it for some guys to just criticize, judge or hell, outright insult women, even when in private.

She was dating a guy who thought she would be there till death do them apart, two months later she is all over some dude whose face shouts : Latino lover, in public, in a small town?

So why cannot some guys just sit back, relax, and go "Slut", "Bitch", "Cunt"

Maybe they cannot just put those non-angelic images in their head? Or they think that the floor has ears and it will come back to bite them?

What is this fear of using some bad language on women, even when it is appropriate?

Maybe the PoliticallyCorrectosaurus bit their balls off...

Btw, the girl can do whatever she wants, not my girl. But I will give my opinion on that.

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