Saturday, January 29, 2011

Caveman? Or just a man?

"Dude you are primitive"
"Finndistan, this is a civilized place, not a medieval one like you came from"
"You know, here we respect women, asshole"
"You effing caveman"
"We live in the two thousands, you bigot"

Are a handful examples of things I have heard when I talked to people about the stuff I talk about here.

There always is the assumption that men in this civilized country think different that I do. And that their way of thinking is the right one while I am being a medievally backwards bigoted asshole.

Asking some good friends some questions to which my own answer would be a simple no, the men who have options with women, the men who have experienced women and the ones who have no problem getting women attracted to them, without fail answer:

"F#¤k no"
"You crazy?"
"Hell no"

The answers I get from guys who do not have these options

"Why you say that?"
"It is ok"
"It does not matter"

Just by looking at the guys' answers and their situations, even if correlation does not prove causality, it is clear that options and intolerance go hand in hand. Which one came first is the chicken egg problem.

Seems being medieval makes you get laid, or getting laid makes you medieval. Or a man gets laid and is medieval, due to another personal factor...

Which brings me to:

Standing by the bar with a drink in my hand, just observing the environment, when I see someone looking at me in my peripheral vision.

I turn, and see him, a guy with whom I shared some history and a guy wtih whom we are not on clear grounds. Friend? Foe?

But whatever, he looks friendly so we strike a chat.

As it seems, apart from a bad start we had, he actually is a friendly dude, so the chat moves into personal areas.

It helped that an intimate female friend of mine coming and asking me how the f#¤k I know this guy, in front of him.

It again helped that five minutes later, a friend of an intimate friend coming and saying hi to him, a girl who I chatted previously and am on very good terms with.

And another five later, another girl coming to hug him while "Whazzup"ing me.

He assumed I slept with all three; one I did, one I tried, and one I will not even try.
And I assume he slept at least with one of them.

Now the interesting thing is that this guy is one of the guys who has sampled the best looking girls in town, I have seen some of his lays and at least once, I had appreciate him silently, and that was when we had some bad blood in between.

After the three girl incident we continue our chat, and this civilized man, living in a free, civilized society, wanted by women, and who I presume gets laid more than I do, is sexually civilized, is asked by me, the medieval asshole,

"What are you up to nowadays?"
"I am in a relationship"

"Knowing you, I can easily say she is lucky to be chosen"
"Yea, she is great"

"Good luck"
"You know what is also great?"

"What is great?"
"She does not "know" you", said with a proud, genuine smile.

What can I say; it is a valid selection criteria.


  1. I noticed that you're one of the oldest bloggers around. Why don't you gather yours posts so far in one place like a book or something, following the chronological order. It's interesting to see the evolution of your ideas through 9 years.

  2. That is a good idea, even if ti is only to see where I stand compared to the past.

    What happened in between, one could ask,

    "Life happened" would be the answer I would give.