Monday, January 17, 2011

No one will come out to identify the culprit

This friday decided to do some barhopping,

After some student party and a hard rock bar, I went into this club which has a higher age average than the places I usually go to. I would guess the average is bit over 30.

Some thirtyish very well dressed women were going in before me, so I thought why not.

Went in, got myself a beer I never had before. Some local microbrewery.

Went upstairs and was still shocked by the view that I had anticipated.

Men over thirty, drunk, desperately trying to talk to women.

Women over thirty, not as drunk as the men, but some desperately waiting for someone to talk to them, some swatting the men away like flies, looking at the one or two men that were apparently the attractive ones.

What did these two groups have in common?

Sadness in their eyes. Desperation. Loneliness.

The place put a knot in my throat, finished the beer in a corner, observing the environment, and left.

Laws are equal, (in reality, for example, effective child custody is at the mother)
If the father cannot pay his child support, the state provides it to the mother.
Equality everywhere, (effing lie), feminism has made women equal (effing lie, some of us are more than equal) yada yada yada

And at last
Divorce rate went past 50% two years ago.

What did all these improvements* do?

Sad faces. Old sad faces. Not just in that specific bar. In the streets. Alcoholic children. Lost children.

But hey, progress is to be cherished! Even if men are offing themselves in droves...

Long live feminism! Long live equality**!

All is an effing joke that is destroying the society that managed to build some kind of safehaven in a Godforsaken place. Congratulations.

* Some liberal foreigner living in finland wrote "At last the divorce rate is past 50%. Means finnish women are not suffering their shitty drunk husbands anymore." Well, in 5 years our libby will be part of that statistic. Lets see what he thinks then.

** Equality. I still have not seen mandatory army service for women. Not to mention the absurd notion of equality in the sexual realm. Effing joke.

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