Monday, January 17, 2011

I am not a self help guru

Happened so many times,

A girl attracts me. Could be a smile, could be the way she looks, could be the whole package.

There is something that pulls me in.

The flirt commences.

I know I am attracted, because I am there, hard, while talking, and touching.

Then comes the nuke:

"Why are you talking to me, not other beautiful girls out there"

Gone in 6 seconds, not even 60...

I can hear the blood flowing back into my pelvis, I can feel the pressure on my pants leaving.

Why am I talking to you, not other beautiful women?

Cause I chose you.

Cause you are the one that I get hard to just looking at.

But now you put the question in my mind.

"Why am I really talking to her, is there something wrong with her? Has somebody hypnotized me into seeing the inner beauty only? STD? Self esteem down at the south pole? ... ... ... ..."

Kills the fun, kills the flirt.

I am not the self help guru brought to the world to raise your self confidence.

Sometimes, I have salvaged the situation (by catching the erection halfway by saying "give her another chance"), most of the times, it has been "Nice meeting you" in five minutes after that.

If I am gonna put effort, it is gonna be for someone who knows she deserves me.

Otherwise I am selling myself short, this way or the other.

Maybe not. But am not at the spiritual level of appreciating the beauty of dealing with "Why are you talking to me, not them" yet.

Kumbayya, kumbayyaa.... lalalalala...

Unrelated: Wonder how many of those hippy chicks so totally against prostitution are sleeping with the guys who provide them with weed...


  1. Wow, you're tough. That's just a mild shit test. Once I hear that line I know it's in the bag.

  2. My bad.

    Should have also described the body language, and the tone she/they used.

    True, the cat's in the bag, but a combination of words and body language and tone make me occasionally not want that cat, that I up to that point craved for.