Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The one difference

This is a memory from years back.

Four guys in a bar, all doing well with women. Reaping the benefits of sexually empowered women.

But one of these guys is doing crazy with women.

You would know how a group of four handsome men get attention from the environment, it was enormous. But still, this one guy was getting way more attention than the other three.

Handsome? Check for all
Masculinity? Check for all
Fun? Check for all
Charm? Check for all
Preselected? Check for all
Women looking almost in awe? Check for all
Many other supporting traits? Check for all
Intelligence? Check for the three, a total uncheck for the one who was banging away like a rock star.
Body language? Check for the three, a slouched posture for the one banging like a rock star.

Attitude towards girls?
The three had the attitude: "Let's see if there is a girl I would be interested in"

The one who is banging like a rabbit on steroids in an all female rabbit farm: Opens his arms, leans back from his slouch, and says "Don't know why all the chicks love me"

And this was the key that negated bad body language, minimal intelligence, and so on.

Makes me put a smile on my face, as that is the master key.

"All the chicks love me"

Intelligence makes you self aware, being self aware leads to self criticism, and this is the inevitable problem of the thinking man; also happens to be the ultimate weapon of the thinking man who turned toward the dark side.

Now that I remembered this,

Resolution # 6: Decide if you'll stay on the lighter side, or get to the dark side and accept the price and the infinite rewards.

Because it could be inherently evil, to attract women like flies fly to shit, just by internalizing the "All chicks love me" mentality.

It is really so simple.

Difficult maybe,

But simple.

What the eff am I fussing over some unexisting dilemma?

All is fair in matters of love.

Ain't it?

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