Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Fallout of the Sexual Revolution 4 - Empowered and invisible

I was sitting by the dancefloor, sipping some soda and listening to "Passenger", by Lou Reed.

Three boys enter my scene, I do not notice them until the girl sitting on the table beside me gets up and walks to the guys.

Important to tell that the table she was sitting on is blocking half the entrance to the dancefloor area, so it is impossible to miss.

I quickly assessed the guys. Two were students, the techie type, the other was a blend of frat boy with hipster. This third guy was the guy who the girl went up to, I name him the Hipfrat.

The conclusions I will come to from following are pure speculation, as I could not hear what they are talking, but their behavior was shouting.

The girl goes to Hipfrat.

Hipfrat takes two seconds to remember the girl. But he does.

Hipfrat immediately puts his hand on the girl's waist, hold it.

Hipfrat introduces the girl to the other two. Both guys' faces light up instantly with a shit eating grin, and they shake their head to the girl with the expression "Ahh, she is the one... (insert: devious sex act)", and you can see their eyes undressing the girl.

Hipfrat takes his hand from her hip, and returns his attention to the guys, the girl tries to catch his hand, but misses.

Half a minute the girl stands there, and then tell Hipfrat her byes byes, to what he just nods.

A sexually empowered woman, who was totally invisible to the guy who enjoyed that empowerment.

You go Grrrrrrrl!!! Empower yourself to invisibility.


What if every sexually empowered action a woman took would be indeed a withdrawal from the "Bank of Feminine Worth", a bank that does not accept deposits from the account holder?

What if,

Men want to deposit value into an account that has had not too many withdrawals?

Just what if?

The fact that women line up in front of the "Bank of Male Worth" to make deposits to the accounts of the guys who possess the ability, skill and intention to indulge in sexually empowered acts is not my problem. Thus women willingly adding value to the guys who actually do withdrawals from the bank is not my problem. Thus the fact that men who make withdrawals are actually increasing their value wealth because women are making deposits, is women's own doing.

Before ladies complain, "But this is not fair! This is a double standard"; well, stop lining up to fill male accounts that have a high turnover, and stop rejecting accounts that have little or no withdrawals.

And then, this whole question is a "What if?", only rhetorical...

You know, presented as an exercise for the brain.


Of course seen from my point of view, any woman sleeping with me does not make a withdrawal from any bank.

Now, what another man thinks of this I may not know.


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  2. I do have a problem comprehending your analysis of that situation.

    Could it of been the following.

    1. Your interpretation of the situation was totally incorrect.
    2. The women was just a one night stand.

    Obviously the woman appeared to be waiting, maybe knowing he would appear and quickly wanted to make contact. The response not being what she wanted, or maybe a brush off was affected.

  3. My interpretation could be totally incorrect, I know, that is why I mentioned that I am speculating.

    But even if I was not able to hear the conversation, or do not know their actual past, there is a difference in the way which a woman looks at a man who she slept with, the way a man touches a woman he slept with, and the looks on the other two's faces was also clear that they had hear a story which just had gotten a face put into it.

    While my interpretation may be incorrect, I think she was a one night stand, or a booty call, and did some interesting stuff with the guy, as the other two had the "Dude, that is the girl????" face on them, and she was discarded after her utility was finished.